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Breathe Music Video

This is the music video for the first song that I released called Breathe. 

Directed by: Travis Haughton

Here are a few things I've been doing recently...

Musical Theatre Reel

This is my musical theatre reel from my time at the 

Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts! 

Hamilton Mash-Up

This is a Mash-Up of Music from Hamilton by:

Lin-Manuel Miranda that was performed at our

Conservatory Showing during my Junior year


. With Musical Direction from

Ron McGowan, I play Aaron Burr and Jaalam 

Dishon plays Alexander Hamilton. 

Songs From Theatre School

This is a highlight video from my debut Cabaret

Songs From Theatre School at The Blue Strawberry

St. Louis. Featuring Randon Lane on the piano, this 

was a spiritual night full of music, friends and fun.

Guest artists include: (in order) Jalen Miles, Posey

Lulu, Sarah Dao, Tj Staten and Samuel Lovelock

My Projects

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